SKU: Realme C21 (4 GB/64 GB)

Can I sell a broken old Realme C21 (4 GB/64 GB)?

We are happy to buy damaged and broken Realme C21 (4 GB/64 GB). You can sell old Realme C21 (4 GB/64 GB) even if they have broken or cracked display screen, buttons damages, housing and panel cracked or discolored, with functional issues such as camera not working, speaker or mic issues. Etc.

However, damaged or broken Realme C21 (4 GB/64 GB) will get you the lesser value than that of a fully functional device. Rather than throwing it away which may result in harming the enjoinment, it’s better to sell for some cash.

Can I sell an old Realme C21 (4 GB/64 GB) with water damage?

Yes you can sell old Realme C21 (4 GB/64 GB) with water damage, provided they function properly. These phones are considered as a below average condition phones and separate quote is provided post physical inspection.