About us




Mobile phones don’t last forever.

When the time comes to say goodbye to yours, we’ll give you more money for it than anybody else*, then either recycle it, or give it a new life in the developing world.

If you’re at the end of your contract, want the latest model, you’re bored of your handset, or you’ve got a brand new but unwanted phone, it’s so simple to sell.

Just tell us whether your device is new, used or faulty and we’ll give you a price up front and you’ll get paid on the spot at the time of pickup of your device. It doesn’t get any quicker or easier.




Ocom Private Limited provides a convenient and responsible way for consumers to trade in pre-owned smartphones for instant payment, with the assurance that the devices will be recycled or reused. The company was launched in the India in 2016 and is comprised of over 150 partners to date, across 30 cities in India.

The goal is to not only provide a fast and secure selling process, but to also keep harmful and toxic materials out of the environment by finding new homes for these devices. With around 10 million phones and Gadgets were picked-up by US over last few years and 100Cr of cash exchanged.




To be the India’s number one phone recycling company. And that’s not easy, because there are loads more businesses dying to take your phone off your hands.

But none of them* pay the prices we do. We’re always at the end of a phone if you need us.




We're driven by three things. The first is protecting the environment by recycling your damaged phones that would otherwise end up in landfill.

The second is helping people in the developing world by sending them your new or working phone. And the third? Giving you more money for your phone* of course!